Wednesday, May 24, 2017

1950's Atomic Ranch House - Mid Century

I'm cruising around the internet, looking at the 1950's mid-century atomic ranch house stuff, and I ran across several of my photos of my things. "Hey, that's mine!" How cool is that?

My pink 1950's appliances (still not installed yet into my kitchen).

My pink atomic lamp. Sweet!

My awesome lamp! Yay!! One of 5 essential pieces to create your own mid century room!!

And this table is mine!!!!

Looking at all the wonderful Mid-Century interior designs on the internet is so inspiring. I already spent an hour dusting and rearranging some of my smaller mid century things after starting a Pinterest board with Mid century items and designs. So many wonderful things owned by so many lucky people! I hope when my house grows up it will look like some of the amazing photos I saw as I image browsed!

As I bought items for my house, I bought a few things that don't 'fit' with my color schemes, so will have to open an eBay shop soon.

I love my 1950's atomic ranch house! I hope you love your 1950's things too!

More updated interior design photographs soon.

Thanks for looking.